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KITA Free School Holiday Cultural Workshops were a huge success 海外民俗種子文化教師在地研習大成功!報名學員無畏風雨熱情參加

The Free Cultural Workshops on Saturday 7 July were successfully finished yesterday. Each workshop has around 70 registered attendants for a total of 280 members participated the 4 workshops aged from 3 to 63. The bad weather had no impact on attendance and all members were having loads of fun!

This program was sponsored by Overseas Community Affairs Council ROC (Taiwan), organised by The Chinese School of Society Victoria Inc and Sabrina Performing Arts School (KITA). Teachers involved were: Sabrina Chou for Ribbon Dance, Joanna Jen & Pui Ying Lam for Shadow Play Production and Amelinda Luu & Ching Tan's Kwan's Lion Dancing workshop.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Overseas Community Affairs Council ROC (Taiwan) for supporting this event and also thanks to Springvale Chinese Ethnic School's Principal and the great teachers who offer such a great venue for us to run these four successful workshops!

We will be sharing more pictures from yesterday's workshops on our Facebook Fan Page, please go to our link to like us for future events and news updates:

We also hope to see many of you sharing your pictures from the workshops and Mention @ or Tag # SabrinaDanceTroupe - SPA.


這個由僑務委員會主辦,維州華校協會和薇蓉表演藝術學苑共同策劃的文化課程,師資包含有教彩帶舞的周薇蓉 (Sabrina Chou) 老師,皮影戲的胡仲娜 (Joanna Jen) 跟林佩英 (Pui Ying Lam) 老師,還有舞獅的劉美玲 (Amelinda Luu) 和 陳征威 (Ching Tan) 老師。


我們將在臉書粉絲頁上分享更多當天課堂情況的照片。歡迎昨天有參加的家長或老師們踴躍上我們粉絲頁按讚 ( ),未來能持續關注我們的消息。也期待大家上傳昨日所拍的照片分享並提及 (Mention @) 或標籤 (Tag #) SabrinaDanceTroupe - SPA 喔!

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